Demonstration in Madrid

Demonstration in Madrid

On the occasion of “Women’s Day”, next March we want to respond to radical feminism and start building up with our own feminine approach.

Next March 10th in Madrid, we will walk under the title: “In Femenine, YES, but also in Masculineto affirm femininity, the value of motherhood and dedication to the family and the complementarity and reciprocity of men and women. And also, why not? to show our sincere affection, admiration and gratitude to our dear men.

We want to go out to the streets to show real feminism facing radical feminism.

We invite women, men and families to break with the old-fashioned feminism, "hater" style of feminism and gender ideology and to open the door to a new feminine approach, so much needed in society, politics and the labor market. Radical feminism rejects femininity, masculinity, motherhood and complementarity: on the contrary we want to celebrate it!!!.

 This is why we do it: 

1. - To give recognition to feminine identity and its complementarity with the masculine one

2. - To give recognition to the value of motherhood in the labor market and also in the exclusive dedication to the family (our tribute to invisible women)

3. – To say NO to domestic violence, either against women, children, the elderly or men

4. - To demand defense and protection of the dignity of women: NO to surrogacy, prostitution and pornography.

5. - And to show our gratitude to men, our dear men.

Will you join us????



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