Manifesto on Maternity Harassment Delivered at the Spanish Ministry of Equality

Manifesto on Maternity Harassment Delivered at the Spanish Ministry of Equality

Last  November 25 on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Leonor Tamayo, president of our platform, delivered the Manifesto on Maternity Harassment at the Ministry of Equality. It was accompanied by more than 2000 signatures of people who decided to take a step forward and not shut up in the face of the "silent anti-born violence" suffered by thousands of women.


On a day where the "great architects" of the defense of women's rights received all the media and social attention, they  forgot about a huge group: the thousands of workers who suffer psychological, emotional and verbal violence for wanting to have a child, those women who are, or want to be, mothers in a social and work environment that rejects motherhood. Or even those who decide to stay at home in charge of their family and become nobody to the State for a freely taken decision.


Our Manifesto echoes all these women and we also condemn all kinds of violence, especially that produced within the home, a privileged place for full personal development.


 Leonor Tamayo, who you see was very well accompanied, requested an interview to discuss our proposals to combat maternal mobbing:


1. Legislative recognition of harassment on the grounds of maternity (maternal mobbing) as a specific figure of labor discrimination against women on grounds of maternity as proposed by the European Parliament Resolution of September 11, 2018.


2. To take the necessary measures to prevent labor discrimination due to maternity and to boost the recognition of the family as a social, personal and professional benefit.


3. The creation of a registry of persons with exclusive dedication to the family that grants computable credits for the purpose of retirement and sick leave, as requested by the European Parliament in the Resolution of June 13, 2016, and that it would be used as tax rebates for companies that hire those who have them to assist the reincorporation to the labor force.


The Manifesto still open on our website, in case you have not signed it yet, or know someone who may be interested.


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