WoW at the Universal Periodic Review on Human Rights of Spain at the UN, Geneva

WoW at the Universal Periodic Review on Human Rights of Spain at the UN, Geneva

The past Wednesday January 22 the Universal Periodic Review of Spain was presented at the Human Rights Council in the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva and our representative Aida Lorca was there.


In connection with our field of expertise (women and motherhood issues) we are very concerned as there was any reference to the rights of mothers at the labour force, nor stay at home mothers, and much less of young women that want to become mothers but they can’t.


What Spain was very proud of, was in relation with its progress in the fight against gender violence, gender gap reduction, the gradual increase of paternal leave, the Government parity, the recent creation of the Equality Ministry…, but absolutely no reference to motherhood at all.


The only country that highlighted the need by Spain’s Government of protecting family as the social fundamental element was Egypt. The rest of countries where centred on the omnipresent gender equality that for us is a fallacy because it is based on an ideology that ignores the difference between women and men.


We are truly disappointed as in the complementary report published, which resumes the submissions made by the NGO’s, our concern in relation to maternal mobbing is raised, and the clear labour discrimination in the grounds of motherhood, as the no recognition of this trend that makes most of the cases impossible to proof.


In Women of the World we will continue working at the international arena to be thew voice of women who speak in terms of women and counter the gender language that confuses and undermine women’s rights.


If you want to read the our submission complete document the link is here:


Thank you for all and we continue working J



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