A different 8M is possible

A different 8M is possible

This year we get out to the streets again to face radical feminism.

We will march on the occasion of Women’s Day because we do have a lot to say about women, about feminity and motherhood. But also to claim marculinity.

We wanto to talk about men, those men who are silenced and harassed and, I would almost say, mistreated, by this absurd feminism.


We are holding a rally in Madrid on March 7th and other events in other cities around the world. 

Youcan find the materilas related to it here:  

This is the moto and manifesto:


A different 8M is possible



Leave us alone. Enough of so much deception and manipulation

We go out on the street because we are tired of the manipulation and ideological use of women by supremacist and redical feminism that claims to defend women but destroys her identity. Enough of politicizing women.

And we go out together, men and women, to shout that we are fed up with the continuous attack on men. Radical feminism keep them in the spotlight, they are prejudged and forced to renounce their masculinity.

Men are no tour enemies, they are our partners and allies.


We want to be women, we need you to be men

They talk about equality but they mean an egalitarianism that denies the differences that complement and enrich men and women.

We specially claim the difrerent, complementary and never interchangeable rolesof father and mother.

Today is the day to raise our voice very loudly in favor of complementarity and to demand radical feminism to leave our homes, our children's schools and our professional activities alone.


We are different and complementary, but equal

We demand the modification or elimination of laws,  measures and privileges that discriminate against men and promote confrontation os sexes.

We want laws that protect women without prejudging men.

Women are equal to men in rights ans duties. We do not toletate having less tan men, but neither more.

The time has come to talk about equity and solidarity.


Women are not discriminated today foe being women but for being, or intend to be, moms

We go out in the streets to denounce what many claim for and others silence: that women today, in the western countries, are discriminated agains just because they are, or can possibly be, moms.

We denounce the harassment of motherhood especially in the workplace, and of those who have renounced their professional development to devote themselves to their family. The family that is, as simple as that, the only future of society.

We demand that social leaders and those who participate in decision-making in the labor market, the economics, culture and politics, assume once and for all, that women who have children contribute to the development of businesses and the national economy. That motherhood is a very significant treasure in professional development and that it is a good for the whole society.




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