March 7th in Madrid

March 7th in Madrid

Under the motto “Women + men: by adding we win”, we concentrated last March 7th in Madrid. 

The event was supported by 50 associations from 21 countries, which together wanted to confront this genre ideology that has been institutionalized thanks to supremacist feminism.

With the rally we wanted to demand the recognition of the true equality and complementarity of women and men, the cessation of discriminatory attitudes towards our life partners, and the defence of motherhood.

The event began with the reading of the manifesto by the representatives of some of the member associations. Among the demands was: “We want to be women and men, different and complementary. We want equality without privileges or attacks on men”. In addition, it also denounced the fact that discrimination against women today is not because they are women but because they are or can be mothers, demanding urgent social and political measures to put an end to maternal mobbing.

After these interventions, Leonor Tamayo, our president, took her  turn to speak: “We have come because we refuse to accept the confrontation between men and women. We all have a father, we have brothers, we have children or friends; and they are not our enemies. They are our partners in this adventure called life.”

To conclude the event, a human chain was formed, made up of men and women that surrounded the square’s pavilion to symbolize the complementarity and necessity of both sexes in society.

 This was a representative act, in a particular city, in a specific country. But this campaign has had an impressive impact in other countries. Many people and associations wanted to join the “by adding we win”, sharing photos of their 'different 8M'. there is, indeed, a global movilisarion for a different 8M in which women and men come toghether to defend femenine identity, complementaruty and the value of motherhood.


You can have a look at the pictures here:


March 7th in Madrid
March 7th in Madrid

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