A miscarriage is not medical waste

A miscarriage is not medical waste

We know that although the protocol for the disposal of remains of an unborn baby due to miscarriage or stillbirth varies in each country, in most cases neither the baby nor the parents receive the support they deserve and they are forgotten. Nobody talks about this issue, but it is a cry, silent, but a cry.


That is why from WoW we want to stop being silent and make it visible, and that is why we are going to launch a signature campaign so that you can promote it in your community. Additionally, the idea is to reach out to all the places where we have a political presence: we will deliver these requests, we will have interviews with politicians, and so on. But for now, you can support us with your signature. We need your signature so that public leaders and governments see that this is not a crazy idea or something that does not have social support. You already know that politicians are almost always moved by social pressure.


You can sign here: http://action.womenworldplatform.com/en/act/unborn-babies


A year or more ago, in a conversation with the director of the Instituto de la Mujer in Spain, our president, Leonor Tamayo raised this issue. They both agree 100% on it, even though they contend on many other subjects. In fact, the was outraged by the current state of affairs. The same happened to Leonor again in an interview with a council member of the Madrid City Council.


The thing is that nobody, absolutely no one can deny a mother the right to say goodbye to her child, the right to make sure her baby’s body is treated with dignity, not simply thrown away as any other medical wasteLeonor Tamayo, has had 10 miscarriages and she says: 

"My second child was thrown away in front of me. I cannot explain the hardship this represented to me. And I can assure you that I will do everything I can to stop this brutality once and for all. I know that many of you have been through a similar situation and that you share the same passion and determination"


 Well, let's get to it.


Help us with your signature. It will help us taking another step so that babies who died before birth are treated with dignity, and that their families are accompanied in the grieving process.



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