Wife and mother of 10 children: that is what really defines me and makes me what I am. I do not understand feminine without masculine nor the full realization of women rejecting their identity and denying motherhood.

Leonor Tamayo

I wish to thrive as a woman in each and every role I play in life; one of those is being part of this beautiful initiative. 

Mª Luisa Peña

The forces that are associated to do good do not add up, they multiply. This initiative of ours will surely multiply with your help

Azulema Mingarro

I firmly believe that a woman who knows and embrace her feminine identity has the power to transform herself and her environment into something more transcendent and with a human meaning. 

Mª del Carmen Pérez

Even with the difference of languages, distance, religion, race, civil status ... there is one common thing for all of us: being brave, being authentic, BEING WOMEN.

Ana Hernández

Living the greatness of being woman in essence and existence is how we will transform the world. 

Montserrat Rosas

Young girls need strong role models to understand how important it is to flourish their femininity and to be a woman in all its dimensions

Miriam Gómez de Agüero


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